Jordan and his support team are proud to offer these less common services not typically associated with a dressage business to clients.  He has adapted his skills acquired from the other industries he has worked in and uses them in the equine world, providing innovation that is both cost effective and state of the art.

Audio Design

processing  Rack at Locks edge

Jordan's background as an audio technician and experience producing concerts for well known artists has given him the opportunity to design state of the art, cost effective sound systems for equestrian facilities.  From small portable installations, to multi-zoned installed systems, Jordan's vast knowledge of the equipment and application allows him to custom design a system that meets the client's demand.  

We handle all scopes of projects from consulting to full installation and support.  We will do onsite production for a special event, as well as installing systems to allow for autonomous operations.

Video Design

CC VIdeo w/ night vision 

Through his work in production, Jordan also has experience in video production.  From live streaming and filming clinics, to closed circuit systems, high end video production is another service we are able to offer.  We are well know for adapting close circuit systems for practical barn use that utilities online monitoring, night visions, motion detections, and custom horse tailored alerts.   Using the skills gained from filming events and small marketing shorts, Jordan has adapted these skills to the equine market.  

We are able to produce small films, sales videos, clinics, podcasts. live stream events, and more.   

Barn Design

Jordan was instrumental in the design and building of Locks Edge Farm in Poolesville, MD.  Building the farm for his client, Lucy Tidd, Jordan managed the project from the carpentry, electrical, plumbing, excavation, and overall design.  Adapting his skills gained from working with developers in real estate, Jordan transferred these skills and relationships to effectively manage building equine facilities.

If you are looking to make a renovation, expansion, or planning on a new build, considering contacting us for consultation and project management services.   Jordan has worked with many different clients to adapt cost effective ideas to equine facilities, to create efficient design specs allowing for maximizing the utility of a facility.